Controls: Space and Left Control

This game is a submission to the 8 Bits to Infinity - Two Button Jam. The first thing I though about when I read two buttons was rhythm. When I noticed the theme was songs I was even more excited. I decided to view the theme from a broader perspective and base my work on music in general. I love Rhythm Heaven and consider it the creme-de-la-creme of rhythm games - I tried to copy its concepts.

I contacted my good friend Bruno and we worked on the audio tracks. Check them out down below!


Code and art: Dan Cipolla

Music: Bruno Siqueira & Dan Cipolla

Used 3 sound effects licensed under CC0 Universal/Public Domain:

One explosion sprite animation from a free package on Unity Asset Store (Robot Shooting Game Sprite (Free)) by KIN NG


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BeatStep 22 MB
BeatStep 20 MB


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Never seen anything like it. The hard part is hitting the button a beat after the noise, and not while its playing. nice :)

Thanks for playing!

Watch Interview with Game Dev Josh McMillan / Two Button Jam Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks a lot, Joshua

No problem! Hope you keep at it. Would love to play an updated version - or similar game. :)

I like the idea. The way it was done was clever, and good. The problem I have is that the sounds are really hard to distinguish from the music, as the music is way louder than the beeps. A visual indication of the beats would be nice, as it's easy to overtap or undertap (tapping not enough times) on beats, as you don't know how many times you have to tap CTRL or Space.

My rating: ★★★☆☆, because the product was well made, but the music was too loud and made the beeps hard to hear. This resulted into it being really difficult to time the taps right.


Thanks a lot for playing. After the jam voting is done I'll definitely come back to the project and try and fix the issues and add visual warnings and indications.